On the Organic / Free range subject

This morning I saw on tv again, a dietitian talking about Organic and Free-range and about the prices, and how nutritionally speaking doesn't make so much difference for you, bla bla bla bla bla...AT LEAST, this one (different from other articles I have read or watched on tv) spoke about the free-range / organic being less cruel to the animals, and more enviromental friendly.

Seriously, is it so hard to reason about it? That subject gets me really upset. Of course the calories and vitamins are the same...but what about the chemicals? Its 10x worse for your health eating something genetically modified or full of agrotoxics and pesticide...that's not rocket science.
Also, free range its (Supposed to be) less cruel for the animal. If the animal is less stressed, the quality of the food will be better. Dietitians can say whatever they want, but free range eggs are better for cooking, and only a cook knows that. :)

So my advise for everyone that reads my blog is, if you can afford, buy free -range, cruelty free, organic, local markets and fresh everytime you can.

Here is what I found on the RSPCA Australia website:

Shop Humane

Next time you’re shopping remember to purchase RSPCA Approved food. Eggs and meat approved under the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme have been produced humanely and by choosing RSPCA Approved products you will be helping the RSPCA improve the lives of Australia’s farm animals. RSPCA Approved products are available at supermarkets and butchers. Search for your nearest stockist now.

RSPCA Paw of Approval

RSPCA Paw of Approval
The RSPCA Paw of Approval is only found on products that come from animals that are part of the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme. If you see the RSPCA logo on a carton of eggs, packet of pork, chicken or turkey, you can be assured that animals involved in the production of these products were raised under high animal welfare standards.

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