Bandana Bib / Dribbling Bib

Now that my child blows raspberry and dribbles non stop, I thought I would make a bandana / Dribble bib for him.
It looks so cute and I thought that I could definitely make some myself.
So here are the instructions.
Ideally you will need to different pieces of fabric. One of them I made towel and jersey, other I made flannel and towel.
Any absorbent fabric really would do, but I like the idea of towel ish fabric to absorbe the dribble and stop it from getting into his t-shirt. Specially now that the weather is so cold here in sydney.

You will cut a triangle of fabric. the base/wider side should have around 43 cm.
So fold in the middle and allowing 2 cm to give it the needed shape (its not a perfect triangle) measure from the end to the middle 30 cm.
I reckon the drawing will make more sense.

You can do it with paper and use it as a pattern, or you can do it with one piece of fabric and than cut the other one based on the first one.

Anyway, put right sides togethers and sew it around, leaving a 5, or  7 cm opening to turn it to the right side.
after you turn to the right side sew it all around (and this sewing will close the opening).

Put a button or a piece of Velcro, and Voilá.

Does it  make sense?

Vic Lic

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