Exercising - Why should I?

If you need convincing on why you should exercise here is a comprehensive list.
As soon as this baby is out (I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant) I will be looking to this list everyday until it becomes my new Mantra.
I know for a long time  now that exercise is habit. The more you do, the more you want. Is nearly an addiction.
I also know that for some people, like myself, sometimes it’s a bit hard to start, and find this motivation (even tho I’ve been there before, a few years ago), so let’s find some reasons to do it:

·         Improve your brain function
·         Improve your blood circulation
·         Have a good reason to get out of bed in the morning, look forward to lunch time, or after work / kids go to bed.
·         Have some “Me” time
·         Mingle with other people
·         Feel energized and alive
·         Fell happier
·         Fell prettier
·         Feel fitter
·         Feel healthier
·         Feel younger
·         Become more productive
·         Fit your clothes better
·         Transform fat mass into lean mass
·         Handle stress better
·         Eat better
·         Sleep better
·         Get less sick
·         Get less prone to certain diseases
·         Feel proud of your exercise achievements
·         Show off your better fitter body
·         Set an example to the ones around you
·         Be a better version of yourself.

Wow, I feel like I could go do something for myself now.  How do you feel after reading all of this?

Vic Lic

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