The reason behind.

The reason behind starting this blog is because I have decided to give back (a bit at least) to the community that helps me so much. Random right?
Let me explain that.
All the time, I believe everyone, is looking for info in the web: How do I hang my tumble dryer? How to DYI something, a cooking recipe, a math formula...but I realized I never give back, I never input my 20 cents, so there you go, I decided to start a blog about the most random stuff, so I can give it back to the web and hopefully help someone.

Also, I've been wanting to seriously start a blog for a long time now, but I never get around it, cause for me personally is very hard to write specifically about a subject, so I start and never finish it and I think the world wide web is missing out on my expertise (and funny crap).

So there you go, I will write about whatever. Hopefully someone will read it. Hopefully someone will follow it, and mainly hopefully the search via keywords will help someone looking for some random piece of information.

So let's see where this adventure takes us and what, with time, the space will become.

Thanks for your time :)


VicLic, xoxo
(Down the track I will create a signature, I promise).

Vic Lic

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