Increasing your Anti oxidant levels with fresh food

In the war between free radicals and antioxidants our best shot is to go fresh. Fresh food provides better quality and absorption of anti oxidants when comparing to supplements.
The general rule here will be the same that we are tired of hearing about: The more variety and color you add to your plate, the better.
Some of the super antioxidants foods that we can have easy access to are: broccoli, green veggies, garlic, berries, grapes, apples, pomegranate, herbs and spices but basically every single fruit and veggie will add up into your intake.

Also, there are some foods that you can pair together to maximize your absorption. Here are some examples of combinations that when eaten together (raw or cooked) are even better than eaten alone.

Apples & Raspberries
Tomato & Olives
Onion & Garlic
Spinach & Orange
Dark Chocolate & Red Wine.

Not bad hey? So some ideas of how to incorporate these foods in your everyday menu are:
Adding some fresh berries or fruit to your morning cereal, snacking on raw nuts and apples and pears, or green smoothies, adding fresh salads and steam veggies to lunch and dinner and you are on your way to maximize your antioxidants intake.

Vic Lic

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