What is Paleo?

  1. " older or ancient, especially relating to the geological past."

These days we hear so much about Paleo this, Paleo that, Paleo diet, etc, but what exactly means. I think that more and more, the new generation of adults out there try to be healthier and healthier after 1 or 2 generations became very very unhealthy with the development of technology, processed food, artificial flavors, and so on. 

When those first came out, and all was new and "practical", I believe our parents and grant parents never realized (or had knowledge to) how bad and unhealthy those things were, and now, we are going back to the old times, when things are made from scratch, are planted organically, and etc. 

The super foods that we hear more and more are not new. It's quiet the opposite. They are old foods, from ancient times, like Quinoa and Chia, or everyday foods that got neglected, like coconut or kale. 

The funny (or sad actually) thing about it, is that Organic, Kale, Coconut, Chia, etc, which as I just said is nothing new, are so expensive.  We are paying top dollars for someone just to give you a produce the way it should have been in the first place. 

Never the less, along with the new Kale and Coconut fever, I see a lot of "grain free" new stylers, which is the Paleo thing. 

So in a nutshell, Paleo is not a diet, but a lifestyle. Paleo principals are based in eating whatever the cavemen ate in its time, because anything else is not really good for the human body. Basically, the paleo lifestyle work with what is optimal for human beings and helps the body to stay lean and strong and healthy. Many foods out there, even when not processed, are known to cause issues to the body, like milk, or grains, or etc, that could cause allergies, inflammations and even trigger auto-immune diseases (like coeliac disease / gluten) 

So basically, a lot of the new healthy, good for you amazing recipes you see out there, are actually...(drum rolls)...Paleo :) 

What is ok to eat on a Paleo diet :
 - Lean meats, grass fed as they are meant to be. 
-   fruits
 - veggies
 - sea food
 - nuts & seeds
 - healthy fats

Basically, whatever the cavemen could hunt or find, and I'm pretty sure bakeries weren't around. :) 

Enough said, enjoy your paleo food :) 

Photo credit: Audrey Taylor

Vic Lic

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