Leftovers: Storing it for how long and what else can I do with it?

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So I'm sure it happened to everyone more than once unless you are utterly organized, creative and are Maggie Beer.
You are cooking a recipe, or bought a large tray of tomatoes or strawberries, or used half a bunch of a herb and you have all those leftovers / unused ingredients. What a shame it will be (and it is, my friend, always is) to throw those on the bin.

So here are 4 elements that seem to be always extra in my house.
 If you got any suggestion also, please let me know. Leave a comment and share your idea.

So here are some inspirational ideas for you:

1 - Red Wine:
How to store it:
It all depends how much you drank from it. I'm serious. :) and that's because the amount of oxygen left on the bottle.  So to make it simple, instead of talking about volume, let's talk about half bottles.
If you drank more than half bottle, it would be a good idea to transfer it to a decanter, or to a smaller bottle. If you drank less than half bottle, it's ok to leave it in it's original bottle.
In any of these cases, keep it in the fridge after opening it.

What to do with it: Drink it. you can also cook with it.

2-Tomato Passata: 
How to store it: Keep it in its original container (as long as is not a tin) in the fridge for up to 5 days after opening it. You can also freeze it in an air tight container, for up to 30 days.

What to do with it: Virgin Mary / Bloody Mary is an awesome idea. Also, you can make a quick tomato soup for tomorrow's lunch.

3- Cauliflower:
How to store it:  Wrap the left over Cauliflower, washed or not, with tight cling wrap and put it back in the fridge.

What to do with it: Have you tried Cauliflower "rice" ? Just process it in a food processor until resembles of a rice, or cuscus. You can either boil it, like rice, or even oven bake it for 20 min. It's delicious, and it's carb free.

4- Cooked chicken:
How to store it: Put it in an air tight container and in the fridge for up to 3 days (ideally 1 or 2) or freeze it.

What to do with it: shred it with a fork, add Mayo, herbs, and make a delicious sandwich.

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