Losing weight Mantra(S)

I don't remember one second of my life that I didn't wake up thinking I need to lose weight. I usually fail (unfortunately) in keeping my mojo but I think about it all the time.
So I just thought to myself if I write some Weight Loss Mantras, and actually read them, they might help me (and hopefully someone else).

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Sacrifice now for major benefit: the mean of this one is that not eating something naughty now for a major benefit is much better than getting a fake sense of pleasure or satisfaction from a bite of something and regret 20 seconds later.

Losing weight only depends on me: If I take control of the situation instead of blaming genetics, sadness, happiness, lack of time, too much time, past, future etc, I can make it. It only depends on me.

One slip is not the end of the diet: I definitely tend to do that, have a slip in my diet and consider my "day is ruined" and eat even more. From now one, one slip is one slip, and stays in the past. The diet / health eating continues

The best time to exercise in the day is the time I can make it: No explanation needed right?

Don't diet, make smarter healthier choices and change your life style: I know now that being in a restricted diet doesn't really work. Even if I can do that for a while, when you stop, the weight comes back. I know that really well. Changing life style and making healthier choices will help me always.

Cravings come...and go: Seriously, drink a glass of water, fight it a bit and they will go away. I've experienced that myself several times, just think about something else.

I'm going to succeed, one bit at a time: that's it. I will.

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Vic Lic

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