Bewitched remake

I Can not believe I just heard on tv that they are remaking Bewitched!!! That has to be my favourite tv show from all times!! I'm so so so excited!
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I remember watching Samantha and Endora and Tabitha, when I was a young child, back in Brazil and then dreaming that I, too, was a witch.  How many dreams I had, I mean, real dreams, when you are sleeping type of dreams.

I grew up with this TV show and I remember my mother telling me that she also watched it as a kid, after all, the tv show is 50 years old.

When I was a young adult, it was aired again on TV, and again I got caught in coming home and turning the tv on to watch it.

So you can imagine my excitement when this morning I heard on the morning show that was going to be a remake.

Here is a bit of data from the original series:
(Source: IMDB)
"A witch married to an ordinary man cannot resist using her magic powers to solve the problems her family faces"

Release date: 17 september 1964 (USA)
254 episodes.

Read the full info here

From what I could read, it's not really a remake, but a follow-up, on Samantha grand daughter (Tabitha daughter), but in any case it would be super exciting. I hope they don't make it too childish.
Anyway, I can't wait! :)

Vic Lic

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