Mason Jars

The Mason Jars seem to have taken over the world.  From it's original use of preserving food to the most unthinkable use for decoration, they are everywhere these days. I love them, even tho I actually don't owe any.

Just to be clear, I stopped buying all sort of stuffs because unfortunately the house I'm currently living in (A rental) doesn't have much storage space of any kind, that said, only groceries get in.  But hopefully that will change soon. Let's save this conversation for another post.

Quoting our best friend, the wikepedia:
"...A Mason jar is a molded glass jar used in home canning to preserve food. The mouth of the jar has screw threads on its outer perimeter to accept a metal ring (or "band"). The band, when screwed down, presses a separate stamped steel disc-shaped lid against the rim of the jar. An integral rubber ring on the underside of the lid creates a hermetic seal to the jar. The bands and lids usually come with new jars, and bands and lids are also sold separately; while the bands are reusable, the lids are intended for single use when canning.

While largely supplanted by other methods, such as the tin can and plastic containers, for commercial mass production, they are still commonly used in home canning.

The Mason jar was invented and patented in 1858 by Philadelphia tinsmith John Landis Mason[1][2] (1832–1902).
Among other common names for them are Ball jars,[3] after Ball Corporation, an early and prolific manufacturer of the jars; fruit jars for a common content; and simply glass canning jars reflecting their material..."

You can find them in fancy shops, dollar shops, ebay...everywhere really.

Also look at THIS idea of using them in the pantry.

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