Blender Pie / Quiche dough recipe - Dairy free

So, I don't even know how to call this recipe.
In Brazil, where I come from, a savoury pie is a completely different thing from your everyday beef and mushy pies, that you buy at pie face, or a servo.
The basics are the same, I mean, it is still some sort of dough with a filling in the middle, but completely different.
For starters, the filling (nearly always) is not as wet as they are here, and there is always a dough base (which not necessarily happens in Aus). I'm not sure if I'm making sense because I'm not sure how to explain myself, lol.
But mainly, the result will be the sort of thing you can eat with your hands, like a cake. (I know you can eat any pie with your hands, but you understand the cake comparison, I hope).

What I love the most about this recipe is that is dairy free. That makes sense to me in so many ways!!!! :) Cheaper, lighter in texture and lighter in calories, less Fat, no mixing dairy with flesh if you care for that....

Anyway, taking into consideration that will be a dry filling, or drier filling, what I call a pie you might call a quiche, and that's why I am calling this recipe Pie / Quiche dough recipe.
I've done this one with chicken. I made an entire chicken in the slow cooker (I will share the recipe later), and as a way to use the entire animal to avoid wastage and even show respect to it, I made chicken stock out of the drips and bones, and with the left over of the meat, I decided to make this pie.

You can put whatever you feel like it on it, or whatever you have in your fridge, like veggies, tuna and veggies, spinach, turkey breast and olives...the options are endless.
I had left over dough, so I put it in a muffin tray with corn and ricotta cheese and parmesan on top, and made a completely different batch / thing. Was delish.

This batch is very large. Enough to make a big pie / quiche and left overs for around another 10 muffins.
You can halve it, and just have to adjust baking time.

3 cups of flour
3 cups of water
1 cup of oil
4 eggs
1 tbsp baking powder
Salt to taste
Chia seeds (Which I add to everything I can)
50 grams of parmesan cheese (But then wouldn't be completely dairy free anymore)

In a blender, add water, oil, eggs and salt (and chia if you are using). Blend it well.
Slowly add flour, until well blended.
With a spoon add, gently add and mix the baking powder.

Add half of the batch to a prepared tin or whatever you are using. Add filling of your choice, and cover with dough. If desired, add parmesan on top to give it the golden look.

Bake it on pre-heated 200 degree oven for 30 to 40 min or until top starts to golden.

Bon Apetite!!!!

Vic Lic

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