Make up, and make up blogs for...over 30s

Ok, so lately I've been experimenting a lot with make up.
Just to you give you a little back ground, I never worn make up, to work etc. I would do it to go out at night, like Saturday night, but that's about it. 
But as I said in another post, this past birthday really got me into feeling old, and now that I lost a bit of weight and am happy with the way I look (I still want to lose more, but still, I'm already looking better) I feel better and more...normal! But I also decided to start experimenting with Make up, which by the way, I'm clueless about. 

I am supposed to do family photos soon, ( we were going to do it this Saturday, but got rained out) and I decided to put some trial make up (Following the " I feel old" conversation above, lol). 

Anyway, I have no pretension to be a make up expert, or blogger for what matters but I've been learning a bit and researching a lot. I am completely clueless tho. I just realised now (after all my life) that those beautiful eyes that I love and never been able to reproduce are to blame on my eyes shape. 

The thing is, all these beautiful style and beauty bloggers, like Camila Coelho (Which is unbelievably pretty and clever, and Brazilian, like me) or Carli Bybel are young! Much younger than me. They are pretty, and clever, and really have good tips, but their skin is young.
I must admit, I am blessed with very good skin. And maybe that's why also I never been so much into make up, but at the end of the day, I am 37 years old (and 38 is coming sooner rather than later). 
So with all that said,  I decided to start looking / researching for bloggers, videos and tips for over 30's. 
I'm still researching, and that will come in a new post, but in the mean time, take a look at my experimentations !!! :)
I'm getting better (well, or worse hahaha).

Please let me know if you have suggestions of artists or blogs so I can take a look, and I will! :)



Tangerine Ice Cream

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