Honey Mustard Chicken

I think this recipe came from my Friend that lives In New York (her name is Sabrina) and she has 5 kids, so cooking has to be one of her skills right?

I've made it a couple of time, and actually I forgot about it (and that's one of the reasons I'm digitalizing all my recipes into this blog)
Maybe I will make it again for this Friday night dinner.

6 chicken quarters -(1 whole chicken)
1 cup honey
1/4 cup mustard
1/2 cup soy sauce

Wash chicken pieces throughly and pat dry. Mix honey, mustard and soy sauce.
Place chicken in large baking tray. Pour half of honey - mustard - soy mixture over chicken pieces. Turn pieces around to coat throughly
Bake at 180º for 30 minutes uncovered.
Pour the rest of marinade over chicken basting each piece every 10 min for the next 30 min or until chicken is cooked and golden brown.

Honestly - I probably would (have) put all together and turn once...maybe.

Vic Lic

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