Brazilian Cheese Bread or Cheese Bun (Pão de Queijo)

Pão de Queijo is for sure one of the things I miss the most by living overseas.

It's such a good healthy savory snack, light, gluten free and I am yet to find something that could fill up it's role in your everyday eating.

So here is a recipe that goes around the web (it is one of the original versions from Brazilian websites) that will come very close to the real thing, with ingredients you can find here in Australia.

1 cup milk, better if full cream
50ml vegetable oil
50ml water
1 teaspoon salt
250g  tapioca flour 
1 eggs
100g parmesan cheese


1 - Mix Tapioca and Salt on a bowl and set it aside. 
2 - Warm milk, oil and water, and when starts to bubble, pour it over the Tapioca mixture. You can mix it a bit with a wooden spoon. 
3 - When it cools down a bit, add the egg and cheese and mix it well.
4 - knead the though until well incorporated and when it starts not to stick to the hands so much (If that makes sense) 
5 - Put it in the fridge for 30 minutes or more, so the batter cools down and harden up so you can make the puffs
6 - Make little puffs or balls (you might need to oil your hands). That's the point you can freeze them if you want (and bake it at another time).
7 - Bake on pre heated oven on 180º for around 25 to 30  minutes, until they puff up and start to gold and get crispy in the outside.

Vic Lic

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