Reverse call or collect call, from Brazil to Australia.

Ok, so currently I am in Brazil. for a week, for a holiday.

I have an issue with my credit card and I've been trying to call them. Back in Sydney, Australia (Or actually I think they are in melboure, but doesn't matter).  As being here on holiday, I want to make a collect call, or reverse call, or reverse charge call (Call it whatever you want. I'm putting all the keywords, to make sure you find this information when you need it).

The issue is that I searched and searched and searched  for this information, and couldn't, for the life of me, find a way to call the credit card. I was only finding information about how to call from Australia to Brazil. But I wanted the other way around. What about me!!!!! :)

Fear not! After speaking with 10082302029 different local operators (I mean it, they don't give you the proper information), I found the number. Or I found A number.

And I decided to write a post about it, so the next person trying to do the same, finds it easier.

so, Telstra offers a free number to make calls.

From a landline (I don't think it works from mobiles) call

0800 890 6112
0800 890 6113

It's a free call, so you shouldn't have any problems finding a landline to place the call.

There is a local number,
0800 703 2121 however they speak portuguese (They might speak english) and not every operator will make the call. I called 3, or 4 times, and some do it some don't, lol.

Happy talking people.

Vic Lic

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