Organic fertilizers and compost

I'm very into gardening now. It's my new thing. But Gosh, am I a rookie.

I will start collecting and collating information about it, cause I'm looking for the same thing all the time, so might as well publish it in my Blog.

This post will be about organic fertilizers, pesticides, etc:

Epsom Salt: Magnesium, usually used for Tomatoes, Peppers and Roses
Yellow Leaves, curling leaves
Improves flowering / yelding.
If your plant is not flowering, or not enough,  Spray the plant with 1 teaspoon of salts dissolved in a spray bottle of warm water.

 - During the growing season, sprinkle about a 1 tablespoon directly around the base of the plant and water it in.
 - When planting seedlings, add a tbsp to compost mix
- Foliar spray - 1tbsp per 1 litre (or 37g per 2 litres).

Used Coffee: Nitrogen and also magnesium and potassium (As far as I understand not so good for peppers)
 - adding coffee grounds to soil help with water retention and aeration of soil
 - Nitrogen promotes great green bushy leafs but no fruit so better for when establishing plant possibly for salads (To confirm)

Egg Shells: Calcium, Tomato, Peppers, Squash and other plants
Helps with Blossom Rot. Helps add calcium to the soil, but most likely for next season.
Crushed egg shells can also be used to deter pests. Just put them around the plant / garden
Calcium can be added through Foliar spray.

Potassium (Potash or banana peel in compost)

Important for plant growth and development.
Helps plant grow faster
Use water better
Drought resistant
Fight disease
Resist pest

Vic Lic

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